• Cool Discuss: Talkily
    Talkily is a variety podcast and YouTube show that that aims to contemplate the little things in life that make life worth living! From the perfect pillow, birthdays, to road construction and puttering around the house, join us for a Cool Discuss about the things in life most of us encounter on a daily basis. See more...
  • Cool Discuss: Trekily
    Cool Discuss: Trekily
    Category: TV Reviews
    17 Episodes
    Open all hailing frequencies as we engage each other about the latest Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Lower Decks episodes! So pour yourself a glass of Romulan Ale, Root Beer, Kanar or Prune Juice (it’s a Warriors drink after all) and join us as we discuss our love for Star Trek. Logically, you don’t have to wa See more...